Sunday, February 16, 2014

2-17-14 Spring Break So Far, and All the Selfies

2 PM: Break has been good so far. Went to Seoul for three days with my former roommate and shopped, saw a museum, walked all over creation, and watched "Frozen". Now I see what the fuss is about--it's terribly, terribly cute and feels more like a stage musical than an animated film.

I bought a printer today, which means I can book my own train tickets from home, and therefore go to other cities more easily. This Sunday, I want to go to an English service at the biggest church in Seoul, and that requires some very specific ticket-purchasing. Which I can now do because I can print out the ticket confirmation!

And I also mean to start attending cooking classes in Seoul as part of my "self-improvement/doing grownup things" initiative. I've been here 6 months--I finally got the Survival aspect down. I don't have to worry about daily life or travel or bills because I know how to handle those things, and I know who to ask for help if something unforeseen crops up. And I want to do more with my days than just Self-Entertainment. Shopping and movies and concerts and new restaurants are great, but I should be doing more. Those things don't rate very high on the eternal value scale.

So at present I plan to be at the orphanage one Saturday a month (all they'll allow us to do), teach at the special program at my school one Saturday, and use the other weekends to take cooking classes and do other things that relate to culture or language learning. I need to study and grow--just existing in a new, fun place isn't going to cut it for the rest of the year or the rest of my stay.

Important New Years' resolutions aside, here are pictures of me from today, just after I got my printer:

And some older pictures from January 14th, when I was stuck in a hotel in Houston overnight after being awake nearly 40 hours and having my last flight cancelled. I call this piece A Series of Disgruntled Hotel Selfies:

I Am Truly Stuck Here...

But Surely There's An Upside to Everything!

No, There Isn't.

Yes There Is, Because I'll Be Home Tomorrow Morning!

Never too tired to document my tiredness, no, not me. :-)