Tuesday, December 24, 2013

12-25-13 Merry Christmas! And Document O' Kids

9:30 AM: Merry Christmas!

It's Jesus' birthday, or the day on which we celebrate it at least, and I have many things to be thankful for. At church in Cheonan last week, our new pastor talked about how Jesus had to put off his eternal glory and heavenly fame to be incarnated as a human baby. Listening to him, I felt like I was beginning to understand for the first time the enormity of that step down.

In heaven, angels sang his praises all the time; on earth, he went unnoticed, a man of no reputation. In heaven, he was part of the Trinity and had a relationship with the Father that can't be fathomed, but he accepted some kind of distancing when he came down to us.

We rarely think about our own immense limitations, but human beings have to spend almost all our time caring for our physical needs. We sit in chairs because our bodies get tired--we dress warmly or coolly, we eat and sleep and do a thousand daily things just for the preservation and upkeep of the body we have. Jesus had one of these bodies, and it needed constant care, just as ours do.

All this happened, the infinite becoming finite, so he could communicate with us on our level and show us the Father's love and turn us away from our sins. It's... It's so beautiful and so bewildering, and I want to have some inkling of how tremendous an act it was for Jesus to be born as a person. The love that it took to live like the rest of us, then die like the worst of us and to count it all worthwhile because of the great love he has for us.

I just don't know. It's too sweet to really understand.

So, in honor of Christmas Day, and in the spirit of loving people, I present the Document O' Kids, a mostly-comprehensive list of the students I have taught and met and cared about this semester. I can call most of these students by name when I see them. Some names may repeat, and some kids are probably not listed, just by accident.

My Fall 2013 Kids:

1st class—1-7, 1-8 B  Kids: Hyo, Hyunmin, Cutiepie Best Friends Chanjin & Mingyu, Cool-Hyunjoon, Smart-Stubborn-Hyukjae, Sleepy-Front-Row Moonshik, Next-to-Hyo-Minjoon, Poet-Necktie-JangYeop, Tan-Kyeongwon (sits with Hyunmin), Big-Smart-HweeyuYoungchan (big eyes, sits by Hyukjae). Taeho (looks like Deokryung), Kibeom (glasses, braces, behind Hweeyu). Yehoon (smart, glasses), Hyungoo, Hyungoon (glasses, smart, cool, Hyunminnie), Yosep,  Hyunwoo (sits by Taeho). Jeongmin (mettdugi, grasshopper, sits by Hyunmin).

2nd class—3-5, 3-6 B Kids:  Love-You-Sungjae, Enthusiastic-Yeonghyo, Confident-Hyunjoon, Quiet-Hwangmin, Teacher’s Pet Jeongmin, Braces Sooncheon, Lawyer-Junhee, Interestingly-Cut-Hair-Gyuyeong, Last-Kid-Jangwon(played Spoons). Hair-Doyong. Tall-Blackhair Sangmin, Cutie-Goodsinger-Kyeonghyun.

3rd class—2-9, 2-10 A Kids:  Clever-Seonwoo (afterschool), Big-Guy-Geon (Saturday), Soccer-Minwoo, Stoic-Seonghak (afterschool), Funny-Taekyeong (afterschool), Jinyoung (afterschool)  Green-Jacket-Gyumin, Joker-Yoonseong, Cutie-Joonseok, Sits-by-Seonwoo-Minjoon., Sits-by-Taekyeong-Wookyung, Tiny-Joonsung (sitsby Minwoo). Sangmin (big eyes, skin),Seunggi (pale skin, glasses). Rewon (sits by Seonghak). Something---Hwe (smart).

4th class—2-7, 2-8 A Kids: Peter-Pan-Taehoon, Grumpmaster-Jiwoong, Diamond-in-the-Rough-Seonghyun (afterschool boys), Sparkly-Daehoon and Kind-Jihyuk, Helpful-Ikhwan, Sharp-Sujin , Tall-Hyungmin . Second row, left side: Tan-Sumin and Hates-Crayon-Pop-Hyunee, first row, right side: Hamburger-Byeongjo( “mr. Lee”)  and  Sharp-faced Sukyoon. Fun-Hyunmyeong, Tall-Jeongwook (good hair). Jeongsu (sits by Hyungmin),  Seunghwan (chubby), Seongtaek (smart, sits in front of Hyunmyeong, green jacket), Seungwoo (glasses, by Taehoon, can’t remember my name). Youngmin (cute, works beside Taehoon).  Kimin (tan, wanted chocolate)


1st class: 2-7, 2-8 B Kids: Sweet-Voice- Chansu, Glasses-Intelligent-Jungbok, Jolly-Sanghyeop, Cardsharp-Minsu, Date-Danhee, Loud-Team-Three-Duyeol, OMG-Joonwoo (Chansu’s friend—smart, high voice), Changyo (Team 3—sharp, mischievous)., Front Row: Hojin (smart smart smart) and Jaeseok , Back row, right: Byeongwook and Cheolhoon (teeth). Jinshik (middle near Jungbok—clever), Heewon (back row), Yeongbin (back row, tiny, perfect skin…THIS IS YEONGHYO’S BROTHER), Do-Il (minsu’s friend), Iyagi (good singer, good at English).

1-5, 1-6 B Kids: Hyunshik-Pig, Munsu-Octopus, Jinho-Puppy, Acapella-Hyunho, Frontrow-Heekyu, Reserved-Cool-Kid Minjong (left side of room, sits by wall), Smart-Frontrow Jaehyung, Shoe-Throwing Jongmin, Sanghyun (Team 3, Tall, Loud, Glasses), Yunghyun (Team 3, Loud, Cute),  Yongyeon (quiet, back of room), Sangwoo (Tan, Smart, Team 1, ‘English is scary’). Little-Yongmoon, Train-Kicheol, Comes-to-the-Office-Sungjin, Tan-Round-Junbeom, Broken-Leg-Dongha. Taegwon.

2-5, 2-6 B Kids:  Big-Eyes  Injae, Dongjun, Snappy-Seongsu, S-Line-Dongjin,  Tan-Glasses-Taekyoon., English-Ace-Jonghoon (glasses), Kangjae (tall trouble, KBR student), Twin-Jeongho (twin), Munseong (orange jacket, back of room, said I-love-you), Jongin (looks likes Simyong), Not-My-Wooseok (glasses, sits with Jeongho). Changho (dark hair)and Yoopil, sit in front of Dongjin. Hyunwoo (handsome) sits with Dongjun. Sangwook ( big, silent kid sits in back).

3-3, 3-4 B  Eyelashes-Hyungjin, Small-Sweet Minhyuk, Intelligent_reads-Life-of_Pi-Jaebeom, Giant-Shion, Hosun (sweet), Hunyeong (round face), Juyeong (looks like Yoonseop), Jaemin (quiet, good English)


1st class—1-1, 1-2 B --- Won(back,jjang), Sucheon (Sejoon’s BFF), Soonhyuk (brown bowlcut, Team 2—Sooncheonnie’s brotherrrr!!!), Joonseo (big eyes, cute), Sangho (tall team 2, 2nd jang, seriously good english), Chaeho (fun, afterschool),  Square-Buzz-Daehwan , Penguin-Jaeyeong (compulsive liar), Hwanghyeok (big, front row, friend of Joonseo), Sejoon (i called him Sungmin for months), Joohyun (cute, glasses, long hair, Woobin's friend), Donggu (round, looks serious), Prince Woobin (studious, afterschool), Teeny-Tiny Byeonghun, Ji-myoung (Sits by Sungmin, Sejoon’sfriend.)

2nd class—2-3, 2-4 A  Kids: Sunbin and Hyun (afterschool),  Myeongkeun (hyun’s firend), Joon and Jeongmin (afterschool), Yoonjae (Tall), Minwoo (introduced me to BY), BY (my favorite), Shinhyuk (necktie), Inha (Hyungjae’s friend), Hojin (tall, played Slenderman), Jiheum (tall, sits by Shinhyuk), Yongheum (eyes), sat by Jeongmin).Wonwoo and Doyoon (bowlcut. Yoonjin (tiny, fluffy haircut). Daeyoo (smarty,sits right and back). Goohyun (smart, Torchwood, back row).

2-9, 2-10 B: Sweet-Afterschool-Jinseop, Jinseop’s friend SeonghoonSangwoon and Seulbin (the smart guys), Tall-Roundface-Minchan, Braces-Donghyuk, Tan-Frontrow-Byeonghyuk., Athletic-Woonki, Huge-Eyes-Jeonghee. Blackhair-Seonwoo (funny, sits near back), Taesu (big strong kid, won at arm-wrestling),  Sungmin (front row, saw me in Itaewon), Jaehee (small, helps with computers, fussy), Youngmook (front row, left quiet).

4th class  3-1, 3-2 B  Yoonseop, Little-Hyunbin, We-Are-the-World Dongyeong, Inshik (round, good English), Jimin (glasses), Bomjoon (thinks I have boyfriend). Card club: Sungyoung (jj), Donghyun (kingpin), Wooyoung, Younghwan, Cheolmin, Joohyun, Juseong (6 meetings), Junki, Guhyun (cards).


1st class—2-1, 2-2 A Letter-Byeonghyun, Joker-Seongmo, Poet-HH, Artist-Joohyun, Kimchi Power Kyeongbae, Glasses Seohyung, Red Sweater-Keundeok, Perpetually Sick-Byeongmin, Anime Euigi., Joonhyuk and Chaehwan—smart kids, right side of the room, Sungjoon (glasses, sits next to Euigi), Eunshik (tall, looks like Sujin but isn’t Sujin). Sits-by-Kyungbae-Jinwoo, Bunny Dawit.

2nd class—1-9, 1-10 B  Laryngitis Seonghoon, Teddybear Deokryung, 8-bit Glasses-Seonghyun, Wide-Eyed Joonpil, Joonpil’S Tall Friend Geonhong,  Tan Skin-Sanggyu, Baby Deukhee. Crazy-Hair Yooseok , Glasses-Right-Side-Daejeong, Friends-With-Seunghoon-Hyunseok (AFTERSCHOOL!), Cutie-Beomjoon. Sits with Seonghyun-Minsu./ Beomjoon, Hoodie-Woohyuk, Yunho—the main friend grouping.

3rd class—2-5, 2-6A Yeongjun (smart), Tanned-Minsu, Adorable-Insung, Talkative Jinseo, Tall-Gyuchan., High-Voice Dongheum, Deokjae, HeonminByeongji, Seungjae (glasses), Junsu (round cutie), Seunghoon (smart, middle,  looks like Heonmin but isn’t), Donghyun (gyuchan’s friend), Inho (roundish, back near Insung), Hyunseok (sits by Yeongjoon).


1st class—1-3, 1-4 B   Walk-to-School Minki, Bossy-Dongseok, Tan-Loudmouth-Sangyeop, Round-Faced-Heesu, Inho. Tiny-Quiet-Seongyo (middle of room), Personality-Jaeseon(tan, back of room-revenge minecraft song), Bully-Jaekyung, Supersmart-Eunchan., Yoohan (middle, nice, quiet, next to Yoodam), Jaehyun (Dongseok’s friend, wild hair, narrow face), Jeongho (super-tall, dark hair, friends with Jaekyung).Yong (small, braces), Big-Eyes-Yoodam, Minjoon (quiet, back of room, next to Jaekyung) Helped Minjoon and Jeongho (back of room)played word game.

2nd class—2-1, 2-2 B  Shotputter Jinseong, Thank-You-Minseop, Taylor-Swift-Yoontae, Twin-Seungho, Cutie-Hyunki, Smart- Hyunmook, Glasses -Yonghan., Comics-Joon and Sits-Next-to-Joon Hyunjoon. Respectful-Woojin. Bitty-Baby Hyunbin. Cute-Sanghyun. Smart-plump cheeks-Jiwon

3rd class—2-3, 2-4 B  Sanghwa (afterschool),  Redhair-Joonyoung, Tall-Sweet Junho, Loudmouth Scorekeeper Yoonseok, B-Class Minwoo, Joonsang, Smart-Jiseung (I admire you),  Yongmin (dragon, sits by Woojae), Afro-Woojae, Smart-Byeongyoon (sits by Junho), Jongseong (Johnson, tiny little boy), Taejoong (good speller), Kangmin (Sanghwa’s friend—hair), Seungah (cleans office, called me “pretty Sem” on the first day).

4th class—3-7, 3-8, 3-9 B  Smile Byeongseon, Strong- Donghwi, Tall-Jaekwang, Guide-Jaewan, Bowlcut- Youngjin (met him at the playground), Meet-Sungjoon (boy in theback, Daeho keeps me from meeting),  Boo-Jongha (tall, glasses, dark hair, said “boo” to me), Model-Seokho (wants to be a model, always sleeps in class), Boxer-Sol, Tall-Gangwon.

Mostly Kids I Don't Teach, but Who I Still Know:

Young-Joon looks like Seohyung but isn’t.

 Joonsang--- Spritely-Yeongchang, tan, hangs out with Inha, Yeongshik, Thin-Glasses-Minwoo, Round-Myeongchun, Black-Hair-Jeonghyun, B-Class-Jeongmin,

Need-You-Junho (boyfriend)
Junho’s Loud Friend—Boisterous-Jinbong,

Yeonghyo’s buddies—Bowlcut-Jinhwan and Quiet-Inhak ,Tiny-Mimic-Jaehwan, Swimming-Suyeong, Dokyung, Byeongkeun, Juseong. Geonhee.

First-grader who proposes to me: Heejoon.
Taehoon’s friend, Loud-Hyunmyeong, threw erasers.
3rd-grader with great English, played Slenderman: Hobeom.
1st-grade dark hair, round, Saturday Jeongmin’s friend: Woohyuk.
Bowing 3rd-grader: Minwoo.
Deokryung’s classmate with guitar: Donghyun.
1st-grade love confession:  Yonghan. (tan, wide eyes)
Glasses-Superhigh voice-Whose name I can never remember: Minjoon
Big-Eyes in 2-1, HH’s class: Dawit.
Saturday boys: Hyungro, Yejae, Jaewon, Jeongwon.
Tiny-tiny-tiny cutiepie: Seongjik.
Jeongbom—Round kid, 2-7, always wants chocolate.
Computer Jeongmin—carries teacher’s computers, gave me gum.
Loud A-class 1st grader on Mondays: Jongyoon
C-class 2nd-grader, tall: Dongyoon
Smells-my-hair: Heechan. Also at card games: Heonho and Jinho.
Jinseo’s wide-eyed C-class  friend: Joonhyuk.
3rd-grader in special needs room: Joonhyung.
My 3-1, 3-2 B spoon-card players: Wooyoung, Yeonghwan (black hair), Juseong (met me 6 times, I thought he was Jimin), Cheolmin (skin), Sungyoung (JJang), Donghyun (black hair, kingpin), Joohyun (cried at test?)
First-grader, smart, tall: Changyeon.
Jeonghee’s friend in Class 10: Kim Soohyun (tall).
Hello-Sister Kid: Yeongjae
“I See You” 3rd-grader: Kyeongro-
Saturday Jeongmin
Piano Jaehyung, Joonsung, Byeongsu, Chanyoung.
Intensity Insung
America Hyunkyeong
Secret Daeho


:-) Those are my kids. :-)